Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Concrete mix design and compression tests Assignment

Concrete mix design and compression tests - Assignment Example The results for the two materials were compared with special attention to the behaviors of each of them during loading. Testing of the two specimen metals preceded until fracture was realized. During the laboratory experimentation of the specimen metals, aluminum and steel were subjected to tensile tests in order to measure the tensile strengths. It was necessary to conduct the tests for Tensile strength for aluminum and steel, taking into consideration the fact that steel and aluminum are the most used materials during constructions and Engineering works. Ductility enables these two metal specimens to give extra tensile strengths. The tensile test helped in the determination of the elastic properties available in the specimen materials. The performances of the materials were measured by the behaviors that were observed on the materials and the conditions that support their performance. During this time, the challenges and failures of the experiment were observed. After the observation, emphasis shifted to the analysis of the information. The tests are expected to provide the framework on which Engineers can draw their conclusion and recommendation for reinforcing the bui lding materials and constructions in progress. The project is involves fundamental elasticity tests such as static tension test whereby the specimens of the two distinct materials are passed prepared and placed under weight which increasing becomes heavy. This is observed until the specimen attains the failure position. The measure of elasticity as one of the physical characteristics of the material determines whether the material will regain its original shape or will experience permanent deformation. The observation is meant to establish the proportional limit. This is the highest limit of stress, which the specimen material can produce and withstand while maintaining its position in the

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