Thursday, November 21, 2019

Kants Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Kants - Essay Example But the only thing that could be an object of respect for me is something that is conjoined with my will purely as a ground and never as a consequence, something that does not serve my inclination but overpowers† (320). From the definition above of Kant’s categorical imperative, one can see that the categorical imperative aims to test whether the reason behind an action contradicts itself if one uses a rational basis for it. Kant actually explains it in this way: â€Å"Is it a necessary law for all rational beings to judge their actions always in accordance with those maxims which they can themselves will that they should serve as universal laws?†(332). The formula has a procedure that states what one is supposed to do. It therefore clearly distinguishes between what one has to do and what one wants to do. The basis of the categorical imperative is therefore not in the necessity of the action, not in the motivation of the desire or pleasure but in the rationality of the action. For a motivation to be acceptable, it must be purely rational and its being rational is for the greater good, or for what is good to all people without any exceptions. Based on Kant’s definition of the categorical imperative, the motivation for the first case is that if the action were to be made into a universal law, then no one would say such things because one would expect the other person to say it. Thus, it would contradict itself. For the second case, the motivation should be a situation which is debt free so that it would not contradict itself. As for the third case, it is similar to the first. In short, if the motivation would be getting something in return, and if this were to be converted to a universal law, then there is no one would give anything anymore. Thus, one should wait to be that second person. For the fourth case, the motivation would be to get a good grade. However, if everyone would do this, then there would be no

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